Being married to a Mauritian, I have a very personal connection with the Island. It has been a burning ambition to be able to offer patients a plastic and reconstructive surgery service in Mauritius. This is now possible due to the recent development of a world-class hospital that places great importance on safety, quality of care and multidisciplinary team working.

The attraction of having surgery abroad is very apparent:

+ The opportunity to weather the initial phases of swelling and bruising whilst away so that you are able to socialise normally on return without signs of recent surgery;
+ Being able to relax away from home and enjoy fantastic service during your recovery;
+ The chance to bring family and friends along who can both help look after you and also benefit from a holiday themselves.

This should not be considered an opportunity to simply combine a holiday with cosmetic surgery. Although Mauritius is a glamorous destination, you will require rest and recuperation after the procedure, which will involve avoidance of sunbathing and swimming. Although the cost of surgery is reduced compared with the UK, this should not be a cost conscious decision. Mauritius is an expensive, high-end destination. There are additional risks of travelling long distances after surgery and these have to be carefully considered.


The initial consultations will take place in London (Harley Street, London Bridge or Wimbledon clinics) and will include a full discussion about your individual treatment plan, risks of surgery, risk of travelling after surgery and expectations.


The operation will take place at the Apollo Bramwell in Mauritius. I will be in Mauritius for the week following your operation so that I can check everything is progressing well.

The Hospital

The 200-bed Apollo Bramwell Hospital is a world-class facility that provides the highest standards of patient care. It has been accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) – a rigorous test of international benchmarks in quality of patient care and safety.

Which Procedures?

The full range of cosmetic and reconstructive (including free flap) procedures is available. However, if you are travelling from Europe, certain operations are not appropriate as the long flight increases the risk of complications (such as a clot on the legs or lung). Examples of procedures that may be appropriate include:

Breast enlargement
Breast lift
Rhinoplasty (Nose-reshaping)

A full discussion about risks and suitable procedures will be covered in the consultation. 


We have close ties with a number of tour operators who will be able to help plan your stay.


I will see you for the first post-operative visit in Mauritius to make sure everything is progressing well. All subsequent follow-up visits will take place in London. If any adjustment or revision is required, we can do it in London. Therefore, there is complete continuity of care - you will be treated and carefully followed up by me throughout your experience. 

The decision to have surgery abroad should not be taken lightly. In general, there are many well-publicised issues that affect organisations - not knowing your surgeon, absence of continuity of care, and lack of quality control or clinical governance. It is my ambition to avoid all of these pitfalls - offering a responsible clinical service in Mauritius that prioritises safety, quality and continuity of care. 

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons has produced a very useful document (‘Consumer Safety Guidelines’) for patients considering plastic surgery abroad. Read it here (click to download).


Come for a consultation if you are interested in having cosmetic or reconstructive surgery in Mauritius.
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