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Home/Blog - The process of ‘drop and fluff’ – how implants settle following breast augmentation

The breasts undergo significant changes during the first few months after breast implant surgery commonly referred to as a period of ‘settling’. Early on, the breasts often look and feel unnatural – the implants sit high on the chest, especially when placed partly under the muscle (submuscular or dual plane), and feel hard. Although it can be disconcerting, this is normal.

As the swelling resolves and the tissues loosen, the implants ‘drop’ into a lower position on the chest filling out the lower pole of the breast. This has two effects on breast appearance, which breasts begin to look and feel more natural with a full lower pole (‘fluff’) and smooth take off from the upper chest. Secondly, the nipples begin to project forwards or even upwards as more volume fills out the lower pole of the breast.

The length of time it takes for the implants to settle varies from patient to patient from a matter of a few weeks to several months and is often different in each breast. The process tends to take longer with larger implants, patients with minimal loose skin and implants placed beneath the pectoral muscle (submusclular or dual plane). During this early period, I often see my patients regularly to ensure everything is progressing normally and to reassure them.