body plastic surgery

William Townley offers a range of body contouring procedures that can help boost body confidence by removing unwanted tissue and delivering a more toned and natural look.

Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)
A popular plastic surgery procedure. Despite exercise and careful attention to diet, stretching of the skin and gradual fat deposition can result in rolls of unwanted tissue collecting in the lower abdomen. After pregnancy, skin stretching is exaggerated and the stomach wall muscles become very loose. Abdominoplasty removes the excess unwanted tissue and tightens the muscles underneath. It can deliver a slimmer waistline and a flatter, more toned look.
+ General anaesthetic 2 hours. Daycase or overnight stay.

Liposuction is a simple technique that can accurately remove unwanted fatty tissue from different areas of the body (abdomen, flank, thighs, buttocks, arm pit roll, underneath the chin).
+ General anaesthetic 1-2 hours. Daycase.

Brachioplasty (arm lift)
A procedure that can remove excess skin rolls from the upper arms after weight loss or associated with age to deliver a tighter, toned look to your arms.
+ General anaesthetic 2 hours. Overnight stay.

Thigh Lift
A procedure that can remove excess skin rolls from the thighs associated with stretching of the skin with age or after weight loss.
+ General anaesthetic 2 hours hours. Overnight stay.


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