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Firm, youthful neck contours can be obscured as the skin and musculature of the region age. For some patients, this process is hastened by sun exposure, genetics, and significant weight fluctuations. If you are noticing an increasing lack of chin, neck, and jawline definition, you may be a candidate for a specialised facial plastic surgery procedure called a short-scar neck lift. Experienced Consultant Plastic Surgeon Mr William Townley performs this less-invasive version of the traditional neck lift procedure to beautifully rejuvenate the neck with minimal scarring and a shorter recovery.

What Is a Short-Scar Neck Lift?

The short-scar neck lift procedure, which is sometimes colloquially referred to as a mini- or micro-neck lift, is designed to address loose skin, fullness of deep tissues, and muscular laxity below the chin and jawline to smooth and tighten the area for redefined, youthful contours. Compared to a traditional neck lift, the short-scar neck lift is less invasive, requires a single small incision, and typically results in a more rapid recovery. Mr Townley is highly skilled and experienced in performing short-scar neck lifts, and frequently pairs this procedure with facelift surgery, neck liposuction, chin augmentation, and/or facial fat transfer procedures to achieve more comprehensive rejuvenation of the face, chin, neck, and side profile.

Who Is a Candidate for Short-Scar Neck Lift Surgery?

Most patients suitable for a short-scar neck lift are young (20s and 30s) and have an isolated issue with fullness under the chin (“double chin”) that is often exacerbated by a recessed chin. Candidates for the procedure should also be in relatively good health and capable of healing fully. During a personal consultation with Mr Townley, he will perform a physical examination of your face and neck, listen to your concerns, and describe a surgical plan that can help resolve key signs of visible ageing to restore a more youthful appearance. He may also discuss additional procedures, such as chin and neck liposuction and/or a facelift, which can help to bring about a more satisfying final outcome. Older patients with advanced ageing in the neck region may be better suited for a traditional full neck lift procedure, which offers the greatest degree of rejuvenation—Mr Townley can discuss why this procedure may be the best option for meeting your expectations.

What Are My Neck Contouring Options?

As with any plastic surgery Mr Townley performs, neck contouring and facial rejuvenation procedures may be customised by utilising a variety of various techniques. The techniques chosen and how they are combined with other complementary procedures (if desired) will depend on your unique physical characteristics, the degree of enhancement required, and the outcome you expect. Neck contouring techniques included in your surgical rejuvenation plan may include:

Short-Scar Neck Lift

The short-scar neck lift procedure is generally a more suitable option for younger patients who have an isolated issue with the appearance of an obtuse neck and/or double chin caused by loose skin, fullness under the chin, and muscular laxity. The goal of this procedure is to create more of a right angle between the chin and neck, while also achieving smooth, youthful definition along the jawline, chin, and neck contours. A short-scar neck lift may also be combined with liposuction for patients who require additional fat reduction and sculpting in the region.

Traditional Full Neck Lift

In addition to the short-scar neck lift, Mr Townley also offers traditional neck lift surgery for individuals who are not good candidates for short-scar neck lift. Extended neck lift procedures, while they are more invasive than the short-scar technique, provide the greatest degree of neck rejuvenation possible.

Chin & Neck Liposuction

Individuals with good skin elasticity who present a mild to moderate amount of localized fat beneath the chin (also called submental fat) that creates the appearance of a double-chin or unwanted fullness, may be adequately served with chin and neck liposuction alone. This procedure uses tiny incisions and a surgical cannula to break down, sculpt, and remove excess fat for a leaner, more defined look. Liposuction can also be combined with neck lift procedures to enhance the quality of the final result.

During your consultation, Mr Townley can explain the optimal surgical plan for creating a more youthful neck and side profile.

What Happens During a Short-Scar Neck Lift?

Typically, short-scar neck lift surgery is performed under general anaesthesia as a day case. The short-scar neck lift is performed through a single incision that is well-hidden beneath the chin. Through this incision, Mr Townley is able to access fat deposits that have accumulated below the muscle, remove excess skin, and tighten the neck muscles. This may include removal of excess salivary gland tissue (submandibular glands) that is often enlarged in patients with an obtuse neck. Once the lift is complete, the incision is closed and bandaged.

What is Recovery Like After a Short-Scar Neck Lift?

For most patients, the initial phase of recovery after a short-scar neck lift takes about two weeks. Temporary swelling, bruising, and mild discomfort should be expected; however, closely following your post-operative care instructions and taking pain-relief medications as prescribed can help you remain more comfortable as you heal. Mr Townley typically recommends taking at least a week to ten days off from work, so that you can rest comfortably and recuperate. At about six weeks (and with Mr Townley’s approval), patients are generally able to resume full, unrestricted activity.

How Much Does a Short-Scar Neck Lift Cost?

The average price range for a short-scar neck lift performed by Mr Townley starts at £10,000; a full neck lift will generally be £13,000. The cost of your procedure may vary depending on the degree of improvement required and any additional procedures that are included in your surgical plan. After your consultation has concluded, you will be provided with an estimate for the full cost of your procedure(s) that is based on the customised plan Mr Townley developed. Any questions you may have about payment options and procedure scheduling can be discussed with Mr Townley’s office team.