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As the years advance, youthful facial suppleness, contours, and volume can become depleted due to age-related fat loss and skin ageing. To reverse these effects and restore a more refreshed and reviatised appearance, Mr William Townley—our experienced consultant plastic surgeon in London—performs state-of-the-art facial fat transfer procedures. These fat grafting techniques allow Mr Townley to transfer purified fat from other areas of the body to smooth wrinkles, enhance contours, balance facial features, and address other signs of facial ageing. Facial fat transfer is frequently combined with facelift procedures and other facial plastic surgeries to achieve comprehensive rejuvenation.

Learn more about facial fat transfer by exploring the informative sections below or scheduling a personal consultation with Mr Townley.

What Is Facial Fat Transfer?

A facial fat transfer procedure is a fat grafting technique that harvests fat via liposuction from anywhere on the body that has a surplus (even beneath the chin) and injects the purified fat into areas of the face for facial rejuvenation, contour enhancement, and proportion balance. Some donor areas are more favourable than others, due to the unique structure of the fat or a high stem cell count. The benefits of facial fat grafting can include:

Furthermore, when compared with injectable dermal filler products, facial fat grafting results tend to look more natural and deliver results that are designed to be smoother and long-lasting. Re-injection of natural fat also helps boost the skin’s natural glow for a healthier, more youthful overall appearance.

Who Is a Candidate for Facial Fat Transfer?

Ideal candidates for facial fat transfer are typically women and men who have experienced age-related facial volume loss, lost significant amounts of weight, and/or desire added enhancement or definition of certain facial features. Patients who are well-suited for facial fat transfer must have areas of adequate surplus fat, from which fat cells can be collected via liposuction. Additionally, patients must be healthy enough for liposuction surgery and proper healing. Mr Townley frequently recommends that patients considering facelift surgery undergo the Lift & Fill Facelift procedure, which combines facelift surgery with facial fat grafting to achieve optimal rejuvenation. To find out if you are a candidate for a facial fat transfer, please schedule a consultation with Mr Townley.

What Happens During Facial Fat Transfer Procedures?

During the facial fat transfer process, fat will be collected from any area of the body which offers an adequate supply of excess fat. Typically, patients choose to have fat harvested from the abdomen, hips, or thighs; however, fat can be collected from anywhere fat reduction and sculpting is desired—such as beneath the chin, the upper arms, and other areas. Once an appropriate amount of fat is collected, Mr Townley processes the harvested supply of fat through a sophisticated filtration system. This system helps to purify the fat and ensure only the healthiest cells are reinjected during the grafting process. Healthy fat and stem cells can produce the longest lasting and best-quality results. Once the fat has been purified, it is placed into syringes and reinjected into the face using a variety of specialized techniques, depending on the degree of volume enhancement desired and locations where the fat will be reinjected.

What Is Recovery Like After a Facial Fat Transfer?

Following facial fat transfer, both the liposuction sites and injection sites in the face will require healing. It is common to experience temporary effects such as bruising, redness, swelling, and tenderness in both areas. In the region where liposuction was performed, you may be required to wear a specialized compression garment to ensure proper healing. While at first your augmented facial features may appear more enhanced than you desire, your face should adjust beautifully to reveal balanced, natural-looking results as swelling reduces and some fat cells are reabsorbed by the body. In some cases, Mr Townley may suggest additional fat grafts to achieve additional volume and perfect the final outcome.

How Much Does Facial Fat Transfer Cost?

At Mr Townley’s London practice, facial fat transfer procedures typically cost starts at£7,500. The pricing for the procedure can fluctuate widely due to the customisation of treatment. Usually, Mr Townley must consider a variety of factors when determining the cost of an individual’s personalised fat transfer treatment plan. These factors may include:

Following your consultation with Mr Townley, you will be provided with a comprehensive cost estimate for the full scope of your facial fat transfer procedure. Should you decide to move forward with treatment, our office team can help you explore payment options and schedule your procedure.

For more information about facial fat transfers or to schedule a consultation with Mr Townley, please contact our office today.