This page is intended to give a guide to starting prices for some of the more popular procedures requested. It is not a comprehensive list of all procedures performed but an overview of common operations.

There will be an initial consultation fee but the second pre-operative visit and subsequent follow-up visits are usually included in the surgical fee.

The fees below are comprehensive – inclusive of surgeon’s charges, the fees for the anaesthetist (if applicable) and the private hospital costs (which include the medical equipment, breast implants, the operating theatre costs, hotel costs etc). Prices may vary slightly between different hospitals. 



Rhinoplasty   £7,000 

Breast Augmentation   £5,500

Facelift   £12,000

Necklift   £8,000

Fat transfer to face   £4,500

Upper/ Lower blepharoplasty   £3,500

Breast Reduction   £7,000

Abdominoplasty   £7,000

Total Nose Reconstruction   £50,000