reconstructive surgery

William Townley performs the full spectrum of reconstructive techniques to help restore function and appearance in patients who have suffered from cancer, trauma, birth defects or whose appearance has changed as a result of natural processes such as pregnancy and weight gain or loss. William is particularly interested in using modern technology to plan operations accurately and contemporary techniques to minimise scarring and morbidity. 


Free Flap Reconstruction
William is a core member of the Head and Neck team at Guy’s Hospital and regularly performs free flap surgery for facial deformities and head and neck cancer reconstruction. He has a particular interest in perforator flap surgery and innovative techniques to minimise scarring and morbidity.

Skin Cancer Removal and Reconstruction
Full spectrum of skin cancer treatment and reconstruction from small innocuous lesions to large deformities. William specializes in reconstructive techniques to restore appearance as accurately as feasible, especially for skin cancers of the nose, lips and eyelids.

Improving Facial Scars and Correction of Asymmetry (depressions, dips, bumps)
William performs a full range of modern techniques (liposuction, lipofilling, local flaps, free flap surgery) and uses state-of-the-art technology to improve symmetry and restore appearance.

Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping)
Rhinoplasty is an effective treatment for realigning crooked noses and improving nasal breathing in patients who have suffered previous trauma or have a natural nasal deformity.

Oculoplastics (eyelid surgery)

• Excision of skin tumours and reconstruction
• Blepharoplasty - removal of excess skin that may be blocking your peripheral vision
• Protective surgery (eyelid weight insertion, canthopexy) in patients who are unable to close their eye due to facial nerve injury
• Correction of a droopy eyelid (ptosis)

Facial Trauma
Fractures of facial skeleton are best managed in a trauma centre as they are often associated with other injuries. However, William Townley has a keen interest in facial injuries and in some circumstances, it may be possible to treat isolated fractures in his private clinic (eg nose, orbital floor, zygoma, mandible) or facial lacerations – where a formal trauma survey has already been performed to rule out more serious injuries.


Breast Reconstruction
William performs the full range of reconstructive techniques (free flap – DIEP, pedicled flap or implant-based) tailored to the individual with the aim of delivering natural-appearing and symmetrical breasts that look great in or out of a bra.

Breast Asymmetry
A variety of techniques (breast enlargement, reduction, uplift) can be used to improve symmetry in women who naturally have breasts of different sizes or shapes.

Lumps and Bumps – removal and reconstruction
Can often be done at the time of initial consultation under local anaesthetic in outpatients.

Scar Revision and Treatment of Contour Irregularities
A series of techniques are available (liposuction, lipofilling, tummy tuck, local flaps, free flap surgery) together with state-of-the-art technology to improve body shape and scar appearance.


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