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While a breast reduction and a breast lift are both specialised surgeries that target the bustline, there are distinct differences that set the two apart. Mr William Townley, our Oxford-educated Consultant Plastic Surgeon, has performed both of these procedures for countless patients throughout his career. As an experienced plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Mr Townley is aware of the profound benefits both of these surgeries can offer – both on their own or when conducted together. Below, please explore an outline of the similarities and differences between breast lift and breast reduction surgery.

Firstly, please note that breast lift surgery is primarily performed for cosmetic enhancement. Also referred to by the medical term “mastopexy,” a breast lift can improve the patient’s appearance by combating ptosis (or breast sag); repositioning the breasts on the chest wall; altering the position of downward-pointing nipples; and creating a more youthful-looking bustline. Typical candidates for mastopexy include women whose breasts have lost their former “perk” or firmness due to age, genetics, breastfeeding, weight loss, or hormonal phenomena.

On the other hand, a breast reduction can serve a dual purpose: to improve the appearance of the breasts while simultaneously easing physical concerns. As with mastopexy, many women undergo breast reduction surgery to achieve a more flattering physique, and the procedure can restore balance and proportion. That said, breast reduction candidates may also wish to reduce chest, back, or shoulder pain; combat frequent rashes; or even improve mobility and posture.

Depending on your unique anatomy as well as your cosmetic and health care goals, Mr Townley may deem you eligible for one or both of these advanced breast surgeries. For more information or to schedule an initial consultation, please don’t hesitate to contact our practice today.