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Home/Blog - What Is a Deep Plane Facelift?

A woman smiling and looking at the camera while framing the side of her face with her handsAs a consultant plastic surgeon with decades of experience, Mr William Townley is familiar with a myriad of innovative, efficient methods for several cosmetic procedures. In addition to offering advanced options for eyelid rejuvenation and nose reshaping surgery, Mr Townley regularly performs a technique known as the deep plane facelift. This strategy, which requires meticulous surgical skill and profound knowledge of facial anatomy, is generally only employed by experienced top facelift surgeons around the world.

A deep plane facelift specifically targets the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) in a very precise and controlled manner compared to traditional techniques. The SMAS is a network of connective tissue that separates the skin from the muscle tissue underneath. It is a key structure in facial ageing and therefore is also often incorporated into facial rejuvenation strategies. In other facelift techniques, the SMAS is manipulated in a less comprehensive and accurate manner (plication, imbrication, excision) if at all, whereas in a deep plane approach, the SMAS is carefully dissected in continuity with the skin to deliver a more powerful lift with much greater control. Because a deep plane facelift does not require the same extent of skin pulling or stretching as does the traditional method, Mr Townley is able to put less strain on the facial skin when performing this technique, enabling better scar placement and healing. Consequently, the results are often much more natural-looking and longer-lasting with particular emphasis on achieving a clean, youthful jawline and a defined neck contour.

While the deep plane facelift is Mr Townley’s preferred strategy, not every patient is eligible for this specialised technique. Typically, patients are deemed candidates when they suffer from moderate to severe skin laxity in the mid-to-lower area of the face.

Regardless of the techniques being employed, the goal of a facelift is to create a smoother, more aesthetically-pleasing profile by reducing wrinkles, jowls, and skin laxity. As such, Mr Townley can determine the proper facelift technique for you after a thorough evaluation of your skin, your medical needs, and your cosmetic goals. To schedule an initial consultation with Mr Townley, please feel free to contact us today.