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Home/Blog - Mr William Townley Discusses Ramsay Hunt Syndrome on GB News

Renowned London consultant plastic surgeon William Townley was recently featured on GB News’ “Breakfast with Eamonn and Isabel” segment, where he provided professional insight into Canadian singer Justin Bieber’s diagnosis of Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. Bieber announced his diagnosis in a shocking video on Instagram, in which the right side of his face appears to be paralysed. According to Mr Townley, Bieber’s symptoms seem to represent a typical case of Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, which affects the facial nerves and can lead to significant pain, discomfort, and disability.

Mr Townley explains that Ramsay Hunt Syndrome is the result of the same viral illness that is responsible for chickenpox and shingles. The virus remains dormant in the body after someone is infected with chickenpox but can re-emerge as shingles later in life, causing pain and loss of function along specific nerves. Ramsay Hunt Syndrome is shingles of the facial nerve. While the condition only affects approximately five in 100,0000 people, it is one of the most common causes of facial palsy.

Regarding Bieber’s potential prognosis, Mr Townley surmises that 70% of patients make a full recovery, and their chances of relief can be increased with early administration of both antiviral medications and steroids. Facial rehabilitation is the mainstay of treatment for Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. Non-surgical treatments such as BOTOX® may improve function and appearance in patients who have not recovered fully. Surgery is reserved for the very extreme cases.

Mr Townley is established in the UK and beyond for his treatment and diagnosis of facial paralysis and groundbreaking results in facial reconstruction surgery. For more information about Ramsay Hunt Syndrome or to schedule a consultation with Mr Townley, please contact us today.