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Home/Blog - Lecture on ‘Lift and Fill’ Face-Lifts at London Conference

This week I had the pleasure of lecturing on modern techniques in face-lift surgery at a Head & Neck Surgery Update meeting in London. The course was run by Mr. Luke Cascarini, a phenomenally dynamic and excellent Maxillofacial Surgeon who I work with at Guy’s.  Face-lift surgery is an area of Plastic Surgery that I really enjoy.

It is fascinating to see how techniques have evolved over the last century in parallel with changes in cultural tastes. Today’s face-lift patients are modern professionals who want to maintain their youth with a natural and refreshed look rather than the taboo of an identity-changing procedure. They want a low morbidity, less invasive procedure with minimal downtime. Today’s techniques aim to deliver on that promise by being more effective – taking aim at the root of the ageing process.  Specifically, by resuspending the deep facial tissues and replacing lost volume (by fat transfer),  modern so-called ‘lift and fill’ face-lifts can deliver a really natural and refreshed look.